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Established in 2006, Vanuatu Eco Tours are one of the top tour operators in Vanuatu.

Offering a range of epic island adventures, discover a different side of this beautiful island archipelago. There’s something for everyone!

Why we love it

  • Experience the Real Vanuatu
  • Tailored Activities
  • Home Cooked Food
  • Island Stays

Island Explorer Tour: 3 Day, 2 Night Tour

Enjoy a glimpse of the real Vanuatu on this three-day, two-night Island Explorer tour. You’ll be staying on Nguna Island and hosted by a group of village women in a basic, comfortable bungalow on the beach. Enjoy home-cooked food straight from local organic gardens, along with fresh seafood.

Upon arriving on Nguna Island, you will embark on one of two half-day walks: the Volcano Walk, which takes you atop an extinct volcano, and the Environment Walk, which explores a community conservation area in a local village. After the morning walk, enjoy a buffet lunch by the beach before spending the afternoon snorkelling Nguna’s famous marine conservation area.

On the second day of this tour, enjoy a day trip to Pele Island. Here, you can enjoy a host of activities, including island walks, snorkelling and relaxing on the beach. This tour includes accommodation, meals and transportation between islands.

Maskelynes Discovery: 4 Day, 3 Night Tour

Explore Vanuatu off the beaten path on the tour of the Maskelynes, a remote archipelago in south Malekula.

During this four-day, three-night tour you will snorkel pristine reefs, explore remote islands and sail a traditional outrigger canoe. However, the highlight of the tour is the opportunity to swim with wild dugongs, who call the archipelago home. This tour offers the unique opportunity for you to witness a large and healthy population of these elusive and mysterious marine mammals. All engagement with dugongs follows the guidelines provided by the Vanuatu Environmental Science Society and a copy of these guidelines will be provided to all visitors. It is very rare to not see any dugongs over the four days – and often you will encounter a school of ten to twenty dugongs! However, as wild animals, dugong encounters cannot, of course, be guaranteed.

Boat travel will be by local fibreglass boats (‘banana boats’) with lifejackets and ladder provided.

You will be hosted by a local family in an established bungalow on the edge of a picturesque lagoon and enjoy meals sourced from local gardens, along with fresh seafood.

Our Resorts

Our Vanuatu Holiday Experts have done the research to handpick only the finest resorts in Vanuatu. Our selection is based on quality, service and location.

If we wouldn’t stay there, you won’t find it at My Vanuatu!