Tanna Island Holidays

Tanna is located in Vanuatu’s southern region. Regular, direct flights carry passengers the 214km journey from Port Vila during the week and guests can witness some of the most undisrupted examples of natural landscape and traditional village life. While there are areas of Tanna that have been specifically designed to accommodate tourists, there are a handful of Kastom villages. In these areas, modern inventions are restricted—villagers live in huts, the children don’t attend public schools and traditional dress is exhibited.

Hot Tanna Island Vanuatu Holidays

One of the major tourist attractions in Tanna is Mount Yasur—one of the world’s most accessible live volcanoes! The light show from Yasur at night is truly fascinating and travellers can tour there by day (either by 4WD, flying or hiking). Vanuatu travel packages to Tanna will also encourage guests to explore the waterfalls and underwater caves on the island. Explore further to the surrounding islands. Marvel at ancient rainforests and soak up the sun on beautiful South Pacific beaches!

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