Destinations – Vanuatu

Discover paradise when you wake up in Vanuatu!

It’s hard not to be happy in Vanuatu. In a country of astounding natural beauty and infectious, hospitable smiles, you’ll never have a dull moment and one holiday just won’t seem enough! Each of the country’s 3 main islands have distinct cultures and rituals to observe, plus the landscape is captivating across the whole island chain!

Visit an active Volcano in the south, zip through jungles in the north and explore mountain ranges, rainforests, caves and dive spots common across the whole island chain! Walk straight off the beach and go snorkelling across vibrant marine life and drink kava with the locals during cultural showcases in the villages at night! There are countless things to do across Vanuatu’s Efate, Santo and Tanna islands, plus you can even tour further afield if you like!

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Efate is Vanuatu’s third largest island and home to the capital, Port Vila. It is characterised by rugged coastlines, stunning coral reefs, mountains, blue holes and waterfalls. Stay at the Warwick le Lagon for amazing views and easy access to the popular Port Vila downtown strip or choose a private island escape on Iririki Island Resort & Spa. The Holiday Inn Vanuatu is also perfectly situated and waiting for you.


Santo is a 55-minute flight north of Efate. It is the largest island in Vanuatu and provides countless fishing, diving and hiking opportunities. Stay 15-minutes offshore at the Aore Island Resort or journey 10km south to the Bokissa Private Island Resort. There are plenty of caves, beaches and WWII defence sites to explore, including the popular dive spot at the SS President Coolidge shipwreck.


Tanna is beautifully untouched with plenty of natural wonders to enjoy. Witness dramatic, rocky coastlines, luscious tropical vegetation and a unique village culture that is very much alive! Base yourself at White Grass Ocean Resort and explore the crater of Mount Yasur—one of the world’s most accessible live volcanoes! A 40-minute flight will get you to Tana from Port Vila.


Pentecost is the perfect place for a day trip between April and June. This is when land diving (Naghol) rituals take place—the awe-inspiring event that is thought to have inspired the modern day bungee jump. Watch villagers take the plunge, learn traditional dances and handicrafts or explore the island’s waterfalls and rainforests! Pentecost is in central Vanuatu, east of Santo.


Ambrym is directly north of Efate in the central region of Vanuatu. It is dominated by twin volcanoes, Mount Benbow and Mount Marum, and is also known as Vanuatu’s ‘black island’. Embark on mountainous treks around lava lakes and take in breathe taking over-island vistas! Witness lively cultural ceremonies during your visit and join in the arts, traditions and dances.


Malekula is located just south of Santo, in the central region of Vanuatu. Despite being the country’s second largest island, it has remained relatively untouched by tourism—the interior, mountainous forests are popular hiking and bird watching destinations, but the island’s economy is mostly driven by agriculture. Witness a simpler life here and enjoy custom dances and village traditions.