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The My Vanuatu Holiday Experts have stayed and played across each of Vanuatu’s main islands. They are experts in everything Vanuatu! Our team know there’s nothing more helpful than insider knowledge when travelling overseas, so they’re committed to sharing all their knowledge with you right here on the My Vanuatu Blog!

Our Vanuatu Holiday Experts don’t just package together the best deals for your Vanuatu holiday, they also collect valuable tips, tricks and information. Check out all of our blog posts and keep an eye out for more so you can get the absolute most out of your Vanuatu holiday! From information on airlines and geography, to tips on how to pack and where to visit, our My Vanuatu Blog will ensure that you are a Vanuatu expert before take off!

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A Real Taste of Vanuatu’s Bliss

A Real Taste of Vanuatu's Bliss The islands of Vanuatu have a rich and colourful history with unique cultures and traditions and some of the most unspoilt natural beauty in the South Pacific. Port Vila is Vanuatu’s only duty-free port, making it a mecca...

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Top 6 My Vanuatu Resorts

Top 5 My Vanuatu Resorts At My Vanuatu, we know holidays don’t come around every day and that’s why we have partnered with only the best of the best when it comes to Vanuatu resorts. Hand-selected and tested by our Holiday Experts, you can be confident that when you...

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Vanuatu Festivals & Cultural Events

Vanuatu Festivals & Cultural Events The rich and authentic culture in Vanuatu is incredible and it’s evident no matter which island your visiting. You can learn about the undying culture of Vanuatu through a range of different experiences like the delectable food,...

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Vanuatu Handy Travel Tips

Handy Travel Tips for Vanuatu Translating to ‘Land Eternal’, Vanuatu is renowned for its natural beauty, from pristine beaches and vibrant coral to dense rainforests and towering volcanoes. Although it is so close to home, life on the islands is very different to the...

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