Vanuatu FAQ

Why choose Vanuatu for your next holiday?

Vanuatu sits east of Australia and is one of those holiday destinations that is so close to home, but still feels worlds away! Explore pristine, untouched landscape and discover unique traditional villages. Shop in vibrant, bustling markets or enjoy the features and facilities of your sprawling resort. There’s something waiting for everyone on the islands of Vanuatu and the possibilities are endless!

Do it all on your next Vanuatu holiday. Whether you want an adrenaline-fuelled holiday experience or a place to kick back and relax on a beautiful white beach, it’s all there and available to you! Submerge yourself into the crystal clears waters for some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling, go hiking through phenomenal caves and waterfalls, feel the earth move beneath your feet with a visit to an active volcano and get to know the friendly villagers for a true cultural experience! Enjoy the year-round subtropical climate in Vanuatu and have the holiday of a lifetime when you travel there with My Vanuatu!

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How do I get to Vanuatu?

Getting to Vanuatu from Australia is easy! Direct flights from Brisbane is take 2.5 hours and they’re 3.5 hours from Sydney. There are connecting flights from Australia’s other capital cities and all flights land at Bauerfield International Airport on Efate. A 20-minute drive will get your from the airport to Port Vila or, if you’re staying on one of the other islands, inter-island flights can transfer you to your holiday destination. Remember, when flying to Vanuatu, your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay.

How do I get around Vanuatu?

Domestic flights and ferries travel between the islands, but when on land, buses, taxis and hire cars are ideal. Vans with a B in front of the number plate are considered buses while small cars with a T before the number plate are taxis. Most taxis are metered and cost around 100 vatu per km, but it’s best to ask for a price before setting off. A trip around town on the bus costs approximately 150 vatu, but the buses don’t run on a schedule or specific route, so you’re expected to hail them down on the street. Cars can be hired without an international drivers license.

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Is Vanuatu family friendly?

Yes! Vanuatu is a great place to travel with your family and My Vanuatu can help package your ultimate family holiday. Whether you want a jam-packed getaway full of activities and tours or if you’d prefer to relax by the poolside while the kids have fun in the Kids Club, we have options for you! One of our partnered resorts, Warwick Le Lagon, is consistently voted one of the best family resorts in Vanuatu. With a free Kids Club, games, meals, kids-only pools and babysitting services, Vanuatu can very easily become your next favourite family holiday destination!

What can I do there?

There’s so much to do in Vanuatu, whether you’re looking for action-packed adventure or relaxed paradise, there’s something for you! Dive beneath the surface and discover vibrant reefs and marine life with some of the best snorkelling and scuba diving in the world; feel the earth tremble as you stand on the edge of an active volcano; visit a local village and educate yourself on Vanuatu culture or send a postcard from the world-famous underwater post office. Check out our top experiences and things to do in Vanuatu!

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What is the weather like?

The subtropical climate in Vanuatu makes the weather on the island magnificent all year round. Daytime temperatures average around 26°C, rarely dropping below 20°C, during both summer and winter. The pleasant temperatures, clear skies and endless sunshine are what Vanuatu is famous for making it the ideal tropical destination at any time of the year! For more on weather click here.

When is the best time to visit?

What you want to get out of your holiday will help determine when the best time to visit is. The warm weather makes for a good excuse to escape the cold of Australia’s winter. However, if you want to avoid the crowds and don’t mind a little rain, January or February may be ideal. For more information on the best time to visit Vanuatu click here or contact our Vanuatu Holiday Experts today!

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How many languages are spoken there?

Vanuatu has 113 distinct languages and many different dialects within them. The most common of these languages is Bislama—a phonetic form of English derived from European sea cucumber traders! Bislama has much more simplified grammar than English and, when spoken slowly, can be easily understood by English speaking people. You will find that most resort and tour operators will speak many languages, Bislama and English being among them!

Does the flag have significance?

Yes! The national flag of the Republic of Vanuatu was designed by Malon Kalontas. Its Y shape represents the way the islands of Vanuatu are set out and the colours and emblems are significant too! Black represents the Melanesian race, red is for unity through blood, green is for agriculture—the basis of the country’s economy, yellow represents Christianity, the pig’s tusk stands for prosperity and the Namele leaf represents peace.

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What should I pack?

Swimwear and sunscreen are essential in this tropical destination! Light-weight clothing is generally sufficient during the day however, if you’re visiting during winter ,you may want to pack a light jacket or long pants for the evening. If you plan on spending time exploring the beautiful reefs in Vanuatu’s waters we recommend you pack some reef shoes to protect your feet. No matter where you stay, or when you visit, make sure you pack your camera to capture the beauty of this stunning archipelago.

What is the currency?

The official currency in Vanuatu is Vanuatu Vatu (VT). Approximately AUD$1 equals 80 vatu, although this obviously changes from time-to-time because of exchange rates. Australian Dollars and major credit card (MasterCard and Visa) are also widely accepted. There are a number of ATMs and other money exchange services around Vanuatu, particularly in Port Vila and at the Bauerfield International Airport.

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