Why You Need to Visit Vanuatu

If you’re looking to holiday in an unspoiled paradise, may we suggest Vanuatu?

Stretching 1,300 kilometres across the South Pacific, beautiful Vanuatu spoils with a unique mix of untouched natural beauty, rich Melanesian culture and resort-style accommodation. Boasting mountainous jungles, cascading waterfalls, freshwater blue holes and underwater caves, there are almost too many reasons to add Vanuatu to your bucket list.

Keep reading to learn why we think you need to visit Vanuatu.

Vanuatu is the happiest country in the world

Why wouldn’t you want to visit the happiest country in the world? Currently ranking second on the Happy Planet Index, the people of Vanuatu are some of the world’s friendliest.

During your visit, we implore that you take the time to chat with tour guides, market vendors, hotel staff and taxi drivers. With every conversation ending in laughter, you’ll leave Vanuatu with local friends you’ll remember for a lifetime.


According to the Happy Planet Index, the people of Vanuatu are some of the world’s friendliest.

There’s something for every traveller to enjoy

Whether you’re seeking an adventure-packed family holiday or a romantic escapade, a simplistic stay or an indulgent luxury getaway, you’ll find it in Vanuatu.

Discover endless ways to spend your time in Vanuatu. Choose to zipline across the treetops, chase waterfalls and leap into swimming holes, or opt to spend your days sipping bottomless cocktails in a 5-star resort. There’s truly something for every type of traveller to enjoy here.


Vanuatu has so many activities, there’s something to suit every kind of traveller.

You can immerse yourself in the unique Melanesian culture

Culture, or ‘kastom’ as the locals call it, is an integral part of Vanuatu’s identity. The ni-Vanuatu people are of Melanesian descent and have cultural traditions unlike anywhere else in the South Pacific.

Engaging with Vanuatu kastom can be as simple as visiting a traditional Kava bar or local food market – the ni-Vanuatu people will never miss an opportunity to tell you about their history, culture and ancestry. For the ultimate cultural immersion, visit a more remote village to get a taste of what traditional island life is like in Vanuatu.


Visit a local Vanuatu village to learn about cultural traditions.

There’s endless adventure to be had

A Vanuatu holiday offers more than just beach bumming and resort lounging. In fact, Vanuatu is a total haven for adventure seekers, with endless outdoor adventures to spike your adrenaline.

Swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, hiking, horse riding, ziplining… you name it, you can do it in Vanuatu! You can cram dozens of exhilarating activities into a single Vanuatu holiday and still have time to kick back and do nothing at all, if you so desire.

You can ascend to the top of an active volcano

Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Vanuatu is home to nine active volcanoes, including the world’s most accessible active volcano, Mount Yasur.

Visiting Mount Yasur is as easy as jumping on a 4WD across the ash fields and up the mountainside, from which it’s just a 10-minute trek to the summit. The best time to visit Mount Yasur is at sunset when the burning crater shines bright against the night sky.


Ascend to the summit of Mount Yasur, the world’s most accessible active volcano.

Vanuatu is packed with breathtaking snorkel spots

Vanuatu’s vast underwater world is brimming with unique sea life, making it a paradise for snorkelling and scuba diving.

There is a range of snorkelling spots across the islands, however, one of the best places to discover fascinating fish and colourful coral is at Hideaway Island and Marine Sanctuary. Hideaway Island is also home to the world’s only Underwater Post Office, where you can mail a special, waterproof postcard to your loved ones.


Grab a snorkel and see Vanuatu’s exotic underwater life for yourself!

You can dive into clear blue swimming holes

Vanuatu is brimming with natural beauty, although this island nation is best known for its iridescent freshwater blue holes, formed when underground streams resurface as springs. These iridescent swimming holes can be found across Vanuatu, particularly on the island of Espiritu Santo.

Despite that, the most popular blue hole can be found on the island of Efate. Aptly named the Blue Lagoon, this vibrant turquoise swimming hole is just 30 minutes from Port Vila.


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Vanuatu is lined with beautiful sandy beaches

As a Pacific Island nation, it’s no surprise that Vanuatu is blessed with some truly breathtaking beaches. With golden shores and crystalline waters everywhere you turn, you can easily spend your entire holiday soaking up the sun on a pristine stretch of sand.

From the postcard-perfect Eton Beach on Efate Island to the volcanic blank sand beaches of Tanna, Vanuatu spoils for choice when it comes to beach days.


Enjoy days at the beach in Vanuatu, with golden shores and clear blue water.

There’s warm, tropical weather year-round

Hello, sunshine! Thanks to its subtropical climate, you can expect warm temperatures and clear blue skies no matter when you choose to visit Vanuatu.

Vanuatu experiences two main seasons: dry season (May to October) and wet season (November to April). With that being said, temperatures sit between 20°C and 33°C year-round, making Vanuatu a constant paradise for swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing.


Dreaming of an endless summer? Vanuatu is the place to be!

Vanuatu is just a short flight from Australia

The best bit – Vanuatu is just a short flight away! The unspoiled beauty of this South Pacific nation can be reached in just 2 hours and 50 minutes from Brisbane, 3 hours and 30 minutes from Sydney and 4 hours from Melbourne.

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