My Vanuatu Expert Insights: Alix’s Epic Vanuatu Adventure

As the Vanuatu Experts, it’s no secret that we love any chance to head back to Vanuatu and explore something new. In fact, ten of our My Vanuatu Experts recently returned from a whirlwind trip to the main island of Efate, where they visited 15 resorts and enjoyed a vast variety of bucket list experiences – all in just four days! Trust that they’ve all returned with a refreshed insight into everything this extraordinary destination has to offer.

Find out what Vanuatu Expert, Alix, had to say about her first-ever trip to Vanuatu.

What was the highlight of your trip to Vanuatu?

If I had to choose just one highlight of my time in Vanuatu, it would be the Ekasup Cultural Village Tour. I loved this experience as it offered a chance to immerse in the authentic lifestyle of the local village people, learning about fishing, hunting, natural medicine and living off the land. They also performed traditional songs and dances for us, which was an experience I’ll never forget.

Which resort do you recommend to holidaymakers in Vanuatu?

What I love about Vanuatu is that each resort offers a unique experience. Personally, I had two favourites, both very different to each other. Iririki Island Resort & Spa was at the top of my list, thanks to its incredible service, views and rooms. Just a three-minute boat ride from the mainland (conveniently running 24 hours a day), a stay here places you close to all the action in Port Vila, while still being able to enjoy the peacefulness of being on a private island.

For something a bit more luxurious, I’d recommend The Moso Vanuatu. Offering a more laidback vibe, The Moso has a lot of room categories to choose from, plus the owners are extremely friendly! I also loved the food here – make sure to try the signature ‘Moso’ cocktail, made with gin, lime juice and ginger ale syrup, made fresh from the resort’s garden produce.

I loved the Ekasup Cultural Village Tour experience as it offered a chance to immerse in the authentic lifestyle of the local village people.

Where should visitors head for the best views in Vanuatu?

For the best views in Vanuatu, you need to head to Top Rock on the northern coast of Efate. The waters below this clifftop viewpoint were so clear that you could see the entire reef, plus the neighbouring islands of Nguna and Pele beyond. Best of all, there were no other tourists! We were lucky enough to be taken to Top Rock by the local landowner Charlie, who was a fantastic guide.

What surprised you most about Vanuatu?

I was constantly blown away by how incredibly friendly the people of Vanuatu are. You simply can’t go anywhere without getting a wave from the locals!

What was the best food you tried in Vanuatu?

If I had to choose a specific dish, my pick would definitely be Santo beef, a popular local delicacy that I tried at Warwick Le Lagon Vanuatu. However, my favourite overall restaurant was the bistro at The Moso. The food here was so fresh and tasty, plus it offered a Mediterranean vibe that was distinctly different to what we’d experienced at the other resorts.

The waters below the Top Rock viewpoint were so clear that you could see the entire reef, plus the neighbouring islands of Nguna and Pele beyond.

What do you plan to do on your next trip to Vanuatu?

I would love to go back to Vanuatu to learn more about their fascinating culture. Plus, I’m keen to get over and experience some of the outer islands, especially Tanna. How cool would it be to ashboard down the slopes of Mount Yasur or snorkel inside the famous Blue Cave?

What is your number one packing tip for Vanuatu?

You’ll notice the locals wearing longer skirts and covering their shoulders. Out of respect, I’d suggest packing some more conservative clothing if you plan on any day trips to local villages and towns.

What kind of traveller do you recommend a Vanuatu holiday to?

I’d recommend Vanuatu to every traveller! Whether you’re looking to relax at a luxurious resort, experience epic outdoor adventures or immerse in authentic island culture, Vanuatu has something for everyone to enjoy.

Experience epic outdoor adventures or immerse in authentic island culture. Vanuatu has something for everyone to enjoy!

Any final tips for those considering a trip to Vanuatu?

My number one tip is to do some research before your holiday on what you’d like to do while in Vanuatu. Keep in mind that the island’s attractions are quite spread out, and driving from one place to the next can take longer than expected as the roads can be bumpy at times. That’s why I recommend planning your itinerary to make sure you hit up close-by attractions all in one day.

I’d also suggest learning some common phrases in Bislama. Many people in Vanuatu speak three different languages (English, French and Bislama), although Bislama is by far the most common. But don’t worry, Bislama is relatively easy to pick up, as it’s phonetically similar to English.

Lastly, make sure to ask lots of questions to any tour guides and other locals you meet. The people in Vanuatu are extremely proud of their islands and culture, and they love any chance to talk about it. Trust that they will happily answer any questions you may have!

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