A Real Taste of Vanuatu’s Bliss

The islands of Vanuatu have a rich and colourful history with unique cultures and traditions and some of the most unspoilt natural beauty in the South Pacific. Port Vila is Vanuatu’s only duty-free port, making it a mecca for shopping! Efate, home to the capital of Port Vila, is where you will be met with an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, markets, beaches and epic activities to experience. Santo, Vanuatu’s largest island, boasts world-famous diving, Blue Holes and pristine beaches. You’ll be amazed on the island of Tanna, home to fascinating custom villages and Mount Yasur, one of the world’s most accessible live volcanoes.

To further enhance their knowledge of this magical country, My Vanuatu’s Holiday Experts embarked on an educational visit to their favourite country. 7 nights, 25 resorts and a myriad of unique experiences later, the team finished up super excited to share their invaluable tips exclusively with you. Read on for more!


  • Ramada Resort Port Vila
  • Aore Island Resort
  • Iririki Island Resort & Spa
  • White Grass Ocean Resort


  • Tamanu on the Beach
  • Poppy’s on the Lagoon
  • Mangoes Resort and The Terraces
  • Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu
  • Warwick Le Lagon
  • Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary
  • The Havannah Vanuatu
  • Nasama Resort
  • Breakas Beach Resort
  • Barrier Beach Resort
  • Hidden Cove Eco Retreat
  • Sunrise Eco Cabanas
  • Black Pearl Resort & Spa
  • Village de Santo
  • The Espiritu
  • Turtle Bay Lodge
  • Coral Quays
  • Beachfront Resort
  • Ratua Private Island Resort
  • Rockwater Resort
  • Eratap Beach Resort


  • 7 nights
  • 25 resorts
  • Exclusive Vanuatu experiences and tours
  • 3 My Vanuatu Holiday Experts


What was your favourite thing to do in Vanuatu & why?  The Lelepa Island tour was hands-down amazing! The snorkeling was the best I’ve ever seen, and the tour included a visit to a local village and a nature walk – both of which were experiences to remember.

The Mele Cascades tour was another highlight for me. We were led by an experienced guide with exceptional knowledge of the local flora. The waterfall climb and swimming in the rock pools were other thrilling adventures… I clearly can’t pick a favourite!

What was your favourite view? The top of Mount Yasur overlooking the volcano crater would have to be my favourite view.  Nothing compares and it’s the closest you can get to an active volcano.

What was your favourite resort & why? The Holiday Inn caters perfectly to both family and couples. The food is exquisite and the resort prides itself on a menu full of fresh local produce to create healthy, wholesome cuisine as well as some of the best cocktails in Vanuatu! The Holiday Inn also boasts a fantastic kids club, a world-class day spa and epic overwater bungalows. For these reasons, The Holiday Inn was my favourite resort.

What surprised you about Vanuatu? The people! Vanuatu is definitely the happiest and most friendly place I have ever been to.  No matter what you were doing, the locals were always willing to help you in any way they could. It seemed their main aim was to make us smile!

Your favourite food or restaurant in Vanuatu? The Beach Bar – delectable pizzas in a majestic beach setting…ideal.

What would make you go back to Vanuatu? The islands. Port Vila is remarkable however if you want to experience Vanuatu in its entirety, you must visit the islands.  I had the time of my life in Tanna – the volcano was out-of-this-world but there was so much more to it.  The local villages and customs were fantastic and the food was delicious too.  When (not if) I go back, I will definitely explore more of Tanna, Santo and the other islands.

Any last words? My time in Vanuatu had me thinking: this is how the whole world should be!

TOP TIP: If you’re planning on participating in the outdoor activities (which you should because they’re awesome!), pack some good walking shoes.


What was your favourite thing to do in Vanuatu & why?  My favourite thing to do was swim in the glorious Blue Holes on Santo Island. Flaunting charming crystal-blue water encircled by lush forest, these holes require a visit. For the adventurous, there is a wooden waterslide, rope and swing platform!

What was your favourite view? The vistas from the top of the Mele Cascades is hypnotic. Looking up to the imposing waterfall and out over the flourishing rainforest can’t be beaten.

What was your favourite resort & why? Iririki Island Resort & Spa was a definite highlight for me. If luxury on a secluded island is what you’re after, you need to check-in to this haven-like property. Iririki Island Resort & Spa excels where facilities are concerned, with a Vegas-style casino, outstanding dining experiences, a serene pool bar and much more!

What surprised you about Vanuatu? Just how many different types of activities are on offer. With awesome water sports, forest adventures (including ziplining across the canopy or zooming in a buggy below it) and local village tours, Vanuatu caters to any kind of traveller.

Your favourite food or restaurant in Vanuatu? My favourite restaurant was at Aore Island Resort. The menu is created each morning based on what produce is fresh in that day, and they have chefs that come in early to bake bread, muffins and other pastries for breakfast. Everything on offer is guaranteed to be super fresh and locally grown.

What would make you go back to Vanuatu? The fact that there is so much to see and do in Vanuatu is enough to make me want to go back! It’s also so close to Australia but you feel like you are in such a different destination. The food is to-die-for, the weather is tropical year-round and the locals are super friendly.

Any last words? You can have any type of holiday you want in Vanuatu, from relaxing to adventurous and everything in between. In other words, it’s the ideal holiday destination for you!

TOP TIP: Throw some insect repellent in your suitcase if you plan on going to the Blue Holes – nobody has time to be worried about mosquitoes when there is a majestic natural pool to delight in!


What was your favourite thing to do in Vanuatu & why? The adventure activities in Vanuatu were amazing, from ziplining and hiking to climbing a volcano. So much fun coupled with epic views!

What was your favourite view? My favourite view was from The Havannah Vanuatu. The resort is located a little further out from Port Vila, so the view to the surrounding islands is completely unobstructed and entirely breathtaking.

What was your favourite resort & why? My favourite resort was Tamanu on the Beach. The resort is pearly white and the bures are made out of coral, giving the place an exotic feel. The menu was also incredible with locally-grown, organic produce complimented by an extensive wine list…what more could you want?

What surprised you about Vanuatu? What surprised me most about Vanuatu was its versatility as a destination. Some islands had beautiful pristine beaches while others had rugged mountainous coastlines.

Your favourite food or restaurant in Vanuatu? The dining menu and wine list at Rockwater Resort (on Tanna Island) are superb, and the décor boasts shabby-chic, rustic finishes paired with imposing views over the sparkling ocean.

What would make you go back to Vanuatu? Being made up of so many islands, Vanuatu gifts travellers with endless discovery. Each island also offers something entirely different despite being within short domestic flights of one another. That’s why I’d go back (in a heartbeat, might I add!).

TOP TIP: Pack light clothes as it can get quite warm and you don’t want your adventures to be ruined by discomfort.


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