The Best Beaches in Vanuatu

When it comes to heavenly islands, there are few that rival the beauty and uniqueness of Vanuatu. It’s a blessing to visit this stunning place and tick it off your bucket list. But, be warned – Vanuatu and its people boast a heart-warming magnetism that will entice you to make many returns to this divine place.

Renowned for friendly hospitality, fun water sports, natural adventures and, most importantly, endless beaches there’s something for everyone in this South Pacific paradise. Sound like a place you’d love to explore? Come with us as we unveil our top six picks when it comes to the most beautiful beaches in Vanuatu.

Champagne Beach

Don’t miss this hidden gem. With a luscious tree-lined shore, Champagne Beach is a beauty to behold. Clear pale blue waters invite you to take a dip, but you’ll never want to leave. You’ll love swimming and snorkelling in this intimate and exclusive utopia.

Tiny bubbles fizz up out of the water at low tide, transforming the entire beach into a spritzing glass of bubbly champagne. Visit a charming local cafe for tasty bites and cold drinks. Take a walk along the silkiest soft white sand and feel as though you’re floating on a cloud. It will leave you feeling relaxed and enlivened at once.

Lady swimming at Champagne Beach Vanuatu

Located in Espiritu Santo, Champagne Beach is a secluded and picturesque utopia that is a must see.

Port Orly Beach

Port Orly Beach on Espiritu Santo is like nothing you’ve seen before. The waterfront is punctuated with coconut trees beaming from the sand line as the crystal-clear blue waters beckon you to swim. You may even spot a cow or three along the powdery white shore.

Pack a picnic, take a rug, and breathe in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and beyond. Meet the smiling locals and order lunch at one of the bars, after swimming with turtles in this magnificent turquoise heaven. Secluded and untapped, the water is generally warm all year round.

Havannah Beach

This postcard-perfect beach is one for the lovers. Romantic and adventurous at once, you’ll enjoy water sports as well as sunset picnics with your love. Grab a stand-up paddleboard or take a catamaran to glide across the shimmering turquoise waters. Enjoy the vibrant reefs for superb snorkelling or experience kayaking with a kiss.

Seasoned with coconut trees along the coastline, take a romantic stroll and feel the fine white sand beneath your toes. Dine on the glass-bottom jetty and enjoy ice-cold refreshments overlooking the ocean. You’ll be hard-pressed not to feel relaxed during and beyond your visit.

Don’t miss the ombre sunset sky for an unforgettable end to a perfect day. Stay at The Havannah Vanuatu for a luxurious setting and private access to this stunning beach location.

Aerial Photo of Havannah Beach

The Havannah Vanuatu is an adults-only resort situated on the postcard-perfect beach.

Eton Beach

Eton Beach brags waters of the softest shade of Tiffany blue in this hidden slice of paradise. One of the most secluded beaches in Vanuatu, and just 45 minutes from Port Vila, bring your own picnic food to make the most of the barbecue area. Safe for swimming, anyone can access this extraordinary waterhole.

A magical blend of both seawater and freshwater, kids will love the rope swing over the lagoon. With secret pools, coves, and grottos to discover, this is one adventurous and fun haven to explore. As a bonus, it’s great for littlies who love to hunt and collect sticks, rocks, seashells, and other natural treasures. Fully immerse yourself in traditional island life. But – be prepared to never want to leave.

Aore Beach

Situated in Espiritu Santo, Aore Beach is one of the most stunning snorkelling locations available, with its reef seated at the edge of the sand. Set between coconut plantations, the coastline is sprinkled with beckoning bungalows. One of the best places to snorkel in Vanuatu, you’ll be pinching yourself as you swim alongside sea turtles and glide by tropical fish.

Take a kayak through the blue lagoons and hidden grottos to enjoy floating romantic kisses, friendly banter, or a mindful meditation. Stay tuned for a magnificent sunset. Not even the most premium of camera can do it justice; you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Stay at the Aore Island Resort to experience your own cosy bungalow at water’s edge. There’s so much to discover at this hidden haven.

Lady at Aore Beach Vanuatu

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Lonnoc Beach

This natural beauty located in Espiritu Santo is the proud owner of floury-soft white shores and glittering peacock waters. Lonnoc Beach is the place to go for kayak hire or a chilled drink at the waterside restaurant. A short walk from Champagne Beach and Golden Beach, this ethereal lagoon leaves you feeling rejuvenated and restored. Bubbling freshwater pockets sit within the saltwater sea, leaving you with glowing skin from this combination duo.

Set yourself free in both body and mind as you swim, snorkel, and explore. Stay for sunset to capture the magical lilac and fuchsia hues of the skies beyond. Home to eclectic fish, Lonnoc is protected by towering hills and jungle-like edges, so you’ll barely feel a whisper of wind.

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