Why Iririki Island Resort & Spa should be your next Vanuatu Holiday destination!

Are you looking for a secluded island retreat that feels like your worlds away but still has the luxurious amenities and the freedom of being on the mainland? Then look no further, Iririki Island Resort & Spa can offer all that and more!

Recently renovated and refurbished, prime location, modern luxuries and 5 star comforts – these are just a few reasons why you should choose Iririki Island Resort & Spa for your Vanuatu holiday! In 2016, Iririki Island Resort & Spa invested over $20million into making their resort a premium destination for the South Pacific. The investment saw a new range of room types, furniture upgrades from beds and linen to furniture and TV’s, an eco-friendly refit with solar energy becoming the main source of power in the resort and the list goes on!

A secluded paradise

It doesn’t get much more secluded then staying on a private island! At Iririki Island Resort & Spa your accommodation will be surrounded by lush tropical gardens and pristine turquoise waters. Lounge on the private balconies; float around one of the largest freshwater pools in the South Pacific; breathe in the fresh sea air; and refresh and rejuvenate for spa treatment. It’s so easy to relax and unwind at Iririki Island!

Being the only resort on the island, it’s easy to escape the tourist crowds. Enjoy the peace and serenity when you get comfortable with a sun lounger on the 130m stretch of beach directly in front of the resort. Freely explore the incredible marine life that lays beneath the surface around Iririki Island including Snorkelers Cove. Borrow one of the resorts mountain bikes and discover 69 acres of island around you. Do all of this without competing with every other Vanuatu visitor!

Indulge in modern luxuries

Iririki Island is home to some of Vanuatu’s best restaurants that are led by dedicated chefs whom are passionate about serving tantalizing dishes from a range of cuisines. Whether Asian cuisine is your favourite or you love a French delicacy there will be a restaurant on Iririki Island to satisfy!

The latest addition to Iririki Island Resort & Spa, built during the 2016 renovations, is the Jewel Casino. With 4 Main Gaming Floor Tables, 2 VIP Private Area Tables and 20 state-of-the-art slot machines as well as Karaoke and Sports Lounge and a Jewel Lounge and Bar, the entertainment is endless! This casino is not like any other that you’ve seen either with tables located on the shallow waters on the beach. You can play American Roulette or Blackjack on the tables with your toes dangling in the warm water!

Stop daydreaming about your perfect Vanuatu holiday and make it a reality – contact My Vanuatu Holiday Experts today to book the ultimate holiday package deal at Iririki Island Resort & Spa today!