Vanuatu Tours

Discover Village Life!

There are many ways you can experience village life in Vanuatu, but a tour is the best way to really get involved! Unlike shopping trips to the markets or hikes past roadside stalls, village tours will provide you with an insider’s perspective.

Join a local guide to walk around a village. Wander through houses and gardens and be followed by the all-important village pigs as you go. There are churches, stalls and schools to discover, plus you’ll be able to soak up all of the love and laughter that so typically characterises the Vanuatu way of life!

Where do Vanuatu tours operate?

Vanuatu tours operate all over the 3 main islands (Efate, Santo and Tanna) as well as out to some of the remaining 80 Vanuatu islands! In addition to village tours and cultural nights, there are other unique experiences for you to enjoy! Take an eco-tour to observe life as it should be—simple and at one with each of the island’s astounding natural landscapes! There are expeditions up to the famous Mele Cascades on Efate; tours across the suspension bridges just 20-minutes outside of Port Vila; conservation, wildlife-food and heritage tours around Santo; adventures around Tanna’s active volcano, Mt Yasur; and bike, kayak, snorkelling and diving tours around the surrounding islands!

Modes of transport

Trying to choose between the many Vanuatu tours can be tough, so one way to help you decide is by picking how you want to get there. Travel on foot, bike or by tour-van to explore villages, waterfalls and caves or fly over it all with an exhilarating scenic flight! Water lovers can take to the surface on a kayaking tour or glass-bottomed boat, while those who want to go deeper can take the plunge with a snorkelling or diving expedition.

No matter how you want to explore the islands of Vanuatu and what you want to see, there’s a tour that can take you there! Click on the link to read more about our My Vanuatu tours. We have active, cultural and family holiday options for you to choose from and our Vanuatu Holiday Experts can explain each of them to you more!

Village Tours in Vanuatu
Village Tours in Vanuatu