Vanuatu Snorkelling

Float across the sea!

Vanuatu is known for being one of the best places in the world to go snorkelling! With excellent visibility, warm, calm water and sensational reefs surrounding each of the islands, it’s easy to see why. Vanuatu’s reefs cater for all age levels and abilities. Hire life vests, masks and flippers from your resort or opt to bring your own gear. There are no huge waves to throw novice snorkellers off and a helping hand is never too far away!

Stay at Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary for the ultimate laid back snorkelling experience. Not only is this site the host of stunningly vibrant marine life, but guests can wander straight off the shore to access the reefs. The snorkelling here provides the perfect birds-eye-view through the some of the clearest, most unpolluted waters you will ever see plus, while you’re there, you can also try out a range of water sports and post a letter through the incredible underwater post office!

What you will see snorkelling in Vanuatu

The benefit of snorkelling around Vanuatu is that the islands themselves are so pristine and luscious. Unlike other destinations, harmful pollution doesn’t run off into the reefs, making them sanctuaries for a range of beautiful marine species. Observe vibrant corals, fish and turtles as you snorkel above the waters surface. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for dugongs too. These mystical sea cows are common in Vanuatu’s waters and are truly something to behold!

Inland snorkelling in blue holes

Take your Vanuatu snorkelling experience inland and swim across a blue hole. Blue holes are most common on Santo, where fresh water from the rain flows through limestone caves in the volcanic mountains, resulting in underground streams. The streams resurface closer to the coast and form unique fresh water springs or, as they’re more commonly referred to, a blue hole! While swimming and water sports are more common in blue holes than snorkelling, there are unique life forms that tend to inhabit these stunning natural phenomenons. Where your mask and flippers to float across the water’s surface looking out for rare corals, fish and freshwater hermit crabs.

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Snorkelling in Vanuatu
Snorkelling in Vanuatu