Scenic Flights Over Vanuatu

You’ll find plenty of land tours around the islands of Vanuatu but nothing compares to taking in the gorgeous scenery of Vanuatu from a birds eye view! Luckily, there’s so many scenic flight options around Vanuatu too! Spend a brief 10 minutes above Port Vila and catch a glimpse of the stunning coral reefs throughout the harbour or stay airborne a little longer and enjoy the best scenes of the islands like the dense rainforests, tall mountain ranges and towering volcanoes. Some scenic tour companies even allow you to make a day out of your flight. Fly over the turquoise waters and view all the potential dive spots before you land or fly to the high points of the jungle and experience heart pumping jungle ziplining.

What you’ll see on a scenic flight over Vanuatu

The islands of Vanuatu stretch for nearly 2000km and are home to lush rainforests, pristine blue waters, towering mountains and roaring volcanoes. So, when you take one of the extremely popular scenic flights over the islands there is never ending natural beauty for you to enjoy. Exactly what you’ll see ideally depends on which islands you fly over.

Discover the islands

Soar over the mainland of Efate and observe the unique coral reefs, turquoise waters, secluded islands, coconut plantations, dense rainforests and the hub of Port Vila. See if you can spot dugongs and turtles in the water or the local villages and their fisherman on the beach and out in their canoes.

Take to the air in Espiritu Santo for phenomenal views of jaw-droppingly beautiful white sand beaches, cascading waterfalls and green jungles. Santo is home to highest peaks in Vanuatu (Mt Tabwemasana, My Kotamtam, Mt Tawaloala and Santo Peak) and the incredible mountain ranges wrap around the west coast of the island making for an indescribable view from the air.

You’ll be in awe when you fly over Tanna, the home of accessible active volcano, Mt Yasur. Most scenic flights fly straight over the crater so you can peak into fiery depths of the volcano if you dare! Take your scenic flight to Tanna in the evening, or even take advantage of an overnight volcano tour, to witness to incredible firework display while the earth trembles beneath your feet.

Scenic Flights in Vanuatu