Hiking in Vanuatu

You already know that Vanuatu islands are surrounded by exceptional reefs that are full of vibrant coral and colourful tropical fish but it’s not all about the beaches at this stunning tropical destination. Nature enthusiasts will love Vanuatu just as much as a water lover would thanks to the towering mountain ranges, dormant and active volcanoes, lush green rainforests and the unique array of wildlife. Depending where you go you can hike on your own or book a tour guide to accompany you.

Where to Hike in Vanuatu

Deciding where to hike in Vanuatu ideally depends of your skill and fitness levels. There’s a few hiking tracks that were set up with tourists in mind like the short and easy hike up the Cascade Waterfalls on Efate Island or the more challenging trek, the Millenium Cave tour on Santo Island. The Malekula Hiking Trail is perfect for hikers of any skill level with multiple different hikes including short, easier treks and some more challenging.

If you’re looking for a challenge, the Dog Head Walk or the 5-day Manbush Trail Tour are great choices. The 2-day Dog Head Walk sees you wandering through the lush rainforest looking up at the fascinating bird life as you pass by villages. For extreme hiking challenges and overnight treks in remote areas, organised hikes can be made to explore the islands accompanied by a local guide. Having a local guide join you during your exploration is invaluable. They have an insiders knowledge on the environment around them and are so proud to share with you the wonders of their home.

Vanuatu’s volcano treks

If you’ve never climbed to the top of a volcano to witness the boiling pit of lava beneath you, your holiday to Vanuatu is the perfect time to do so! There are nine active volcanoes around Vanuatu, seven of which being on land and the other two beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. The easiest to access is Mt Yasur on Tanna Island and we can see why so many tourists travel to Vanuatu to specifically to climb this volcano. A 2-hour trek to the top will provide you with an unforgettable experience as you stand so close to the edge of the crater as the volcano rumbles and shoots lava into the air. Ambrym Island has two highly active volcanoes, Benbow and Marum, that are surrounded by a huge volcanic ash plain. These sites are somewhat more dangerous than Mt Yasur, meaning that access is more restricted -don’t let that stop you though. Ambrym is more remote than the other islands and most visitors that go there to hike usually camp as well. So bring a bring a tent and sleeping bag to enjoy the full experience.

Hiking In Vanuatu
Hiking In Vanuatu