Fishing in Vanuatu

It’s no wonder Vanuatu is known as one of the fishing capitals of the world when the local villagers are constantly reeling in a huge assortment of fish species. Whether you’re a keen fisherman or just like to drop a line in and relax Vanuatu fishing is a rewarding experience. From deep sea and reef fishing to sports and game fishing there’s something for everyone!

Game fishing has become quite popular in Port Vila, earning the reputation as the game fish capital of the South Pacific. It’s not surprising with the large selection of fish in the surrounding waters including giant trevally, dogtooth tuna, sailfish, yellowfin tuna and species of marlin. Port Vila is a good place to start your fishing adventure since the surrounding waters are full of fish and a lot of boat tours depart from the harbour. However, Port Vila fishing spots can sometimes be overfished. Game fishing is plentiful on the islands of Santo and Wusi. You’ll be surrounded by rainforest clothed mountain peaks while reeling in an 80kg dogtooth tuna!

Who to go fishing with

There are so many fishing companies around the islands, particularly within Port Vila. The companies have options and can take you out on a boat for supreme game fishing and deep sea fishing; deciding where to go depends entirely on what kind of fishing experience you’re looking for! The guides on the boats are extremely knowledgeable. If you’re not sure what kind of fishing experience you’re after, have a chat with them about your options!

If you want to fish but without having to wrestle with a giant blue marlin, then you will love reef fishing! Out on the reefs you can expect to reel in anything from mangroves jack and giant trevally to coral trout and queen fish. Reef fishing is perfect if you’re planning to take the whole family out!

Best time to fish in Vanuatu

Fishing is a fantastic experience year round in Vanuatu. However, if you’re trying to catch a particular type of fish you’ll have to do some planning. You’ll find that the tuna species, yellowfin, dogtooth and skipjack, as well as blue marlin, wahoo and mahi mahi are abundant all year with varied peak seasons. Mahi mahi, or the dolphinfish or dorado, and the Wahoo are more apparent from April onwards. The Wahoo’s are an exciting catch due to their fast speed, making it a great accomplishment to reel one in. Head out from August to November to increase your chances of catching a blue, black or striped marlin.

Fishing in Vanuatu
Fishing in Vanuatu