Vanuatu Diving

Plunge right in!

Vanuatu often receives rave reviews for its diving spots. Catering to all age levels and abilities, the diving around Vanuatu is beyond compare and is something that you should experience on your next trip! From wreck dives to reef visits, the colours and variety of marine life found around Vanuatu will leave you awestruck. Reach many of the better known spots within half an hour of the nation’s capital of Port Vila or opt for a trip to Santo, where you’ll find caves and ship wrecks that speak volumes about the island’s involvement in WWII.

Once a luxury liner, the SS President Coolidge wreck off Santo Island now provides visitors with up to 12 dive sites. When you go diving around this wreck, you can keep going back for days without seeing the same thing twice!

Diving for the first time

If you’re interested in trying scuba diving for the first time, introductory dive prices are very reasonably priced and allow non-certified divers to experience the wonder that Vanuatu’s reefs hold. One of the most popular dive sites is Mele Reef in the middle of Mele Bay. Going as deep as 6 meters, but also rising close to the surface, this site allows divers to meet some friendly fish during their visit. Hideaway Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary is a great place to start exploring the Mele Reef, but other exciting sites include Twin Bombies, the Cathedral, Star of Russia and the Tukuktuku Caverns.

What you’ll see scuba diving in Vanuatu

The marine life in Vanuatu is vibrant and unique. Because of the country’s volcanic landscape, there are plenty of drop-offs, caves and underwater mountain ranges to explore. Intricate tunnels also create great diving spots. These are formed by frozen lava from past volcanic eruptions and they host abundant marine creatures!

Look out for gropers, turtles, dugongs, humphead wrasse, sharks and whale sharks. Spot beautiful porcelain statues, dining rooms, toilets, crockery and more at the SS President Coolidge wreck and uncover a time capsule of war memorabilia at Million Dollar Point—Santo’s dive site full of dumped army equipment (jeeps, guns, trucks and more!).

To find out more about the amazing diving spots around the islands of Vanuatu, take a look here or contact our Vanuatu Holiday Experts!


Diving in Vanuatu
Diving in Vanuatu