Adrenaline Adventures Vanuatu

Feel the rush!

Breathe in Vanuatu’s fresh tropical air and discover this island destination on a unique adrenaline adventure! There are so many activities to experience—from those that get your heart pumping to those that stop you dead in your tracks!

Be flawed by the beauty and diversity of Vanuatu. Choose from family friendly activities at Efate’s Wet n Wild Adventure Park or off-road adventures designed to help you do and see more! Make your Vanuatu holiday the trip of a life time when you adventure Vanuatu and feel the adrenaline rush!

What kind of adventures can I have?

The sky is the limit in Vanuatu (but you can even get up there too)! There are all types of adrenaline adventures to try out, including ziplining, hydro zorbing, bubble soccer and off-road buggy or quadbike tours. Discover the Vanuatu that lies beyond the marked tracks and take to the jungle. Soar along canopy lines, motor through cane fields and do it all with an endless smile on your face!

If you love skiing or snowboarding, you can do that in Vanuatu too. While the snow might not be present, Tanna’s Mount Yasur volcano can make up for that! Climb the black sandy slopes of Yasur and post a letter before you stand or sit for the speedy decent. Be among a select few who can say that they’ve made use of the world’s only volcano-post and experience a true once-in-a-lifetime adrenaline rush. The 40-minute flight from Port Vila to Tanna is well worth it!

Prefer to watch?

Take the passenger seat for a moment and feast your eyes upon a truly unique and awe-inspiring Vanuatu adrenaline adventure! Visit the remote Pentecost Island to witness Vanuatu’s original bungee, or land diving ritual. Each year between April and May (around the time of the yam harvest), young men climb tall wooden towers that stretch over 20m high and tie vines around their ankles before leaping off. The ritual is truly breathtaking and something to behold! Talk to our My Vanuatu Holiday Experts to find out how you can get there to witness it now!

Cultural Nights in Vanuatu
Cultural Nights in Vanuatu